Why November is the Best Snacking Month of the Year

November 24, 2020

Brewhouse Legends lovers—and newcomers who are still discerning our place in their lives—we have had a truly glorious month on our hands!  For those who are too lazy to shave on a regular basis, you’ve been able to grow out the facial hair and not worry about what it looks like.  And we support those of you who live with someone who can’t quite pull off facial hair but tries it anyways every November.  In addition to this, we are blessed to celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving at the end of the month.  We thought about ranking “The Best Thanksgiving Meal Side Dishes” for you, but we decided that was pointless because Brewhouse Legends Snack Nut Mix would be #1 of course.  And in case someone cares what would come in second place, the answer is corn pudding.  Enough of that tangent.  Time to discuss the actual reason for us appearing on your screen right now…

The reason November is such a glorious month is because it provides every reason there is to snack, and to do so without concern for the end result of what snacking in excess might lead to.  You’ve got live football games every night of the week.  Colder weather dissuading you from leaving the confines of your home.  Colder weather persuading you to wear loose fitting sweatshirts and sweatpants to conceal any added snacking pounds for when you do venture from your home.  And then there’s Thanksgiving.  The month’s grand finale event of snacking.  We get an entire day dedicated to eating (and, uh, expressing gratitude for the blessings in our lives).  So hopefully your home bars are well-stocked with our legendary snack mixes, and if not, remember it’s never too late to add the Legend to the snack mix rotation for your next gathering or watch party.  


Why November is the Best Snacking Month of the Year

Regardless of how small your Thanksgiving gathering is this year, know that as long as you have Brewhouse Legends by your side then you’ll never have a bland moment.  Be sure your pantry is filled with the best Thanksgiving snack nut mix to serve your guests.  And if you’re still disappointed that your Thanksgiving celebration is smaller than normal this year, don’t be upset.  Look on the bright side, fewer guests mean you don’t have to share your Brewhouse Legends with as many people.  While sharing Brewhouse Legends is encouraged, it is not required.

Brewhouse Legends.  Crafted for Thanksgiving (and all November) snacking.