Weekends in Quarantine

April 27, 2020

Picture this: it’s Saturday night, you just finished eating a takeout dinner with your parents, and Dancing Queen by ABBA starts playing. Naturally, you break out into an impromptu dance party in the kitchen with your mom…And you enjoy every second of it!

Don’t worry. We get it. While quarantine is different for everyone, we’ve all been forced to resort to forms of entertainment that are atypical of what we’d normally be doing. Some people are brushing the dust off childhood video games to relive old memories and re- enter a simpler world they wish they still lived in. Other people are taking this time to form new habits, such as exercising more (or less). Perhaps you’ve been tagged in more Instagram challenges and seen more viral memes than types of craft beer you can name. And, yes, some may be having weekend dance parties with their mom.

At Brewhouse Legends, we’re trying our best to still do what we’d normally be doing: providing people with high quality snack nut mixes and with an outlet to get away from the scary things in life. While you might not be able to venture out to your local bar or pub for a release from life’s distractions, we’ve decided to bottle up all the aspects of what makes a night out with friends legendary and are serving it to you via our social media pages with the Brewhouse Legends Virtual Pub.

Follow along on our social pages to drink in those friendly debates or conversations with friends about movies, food, or sports that we’re sure so many of you are longing for right now. Brewhouse Legends is excited to welcome anyone and everyone into our virtual pub! But much like you, we too yearn for the day when we have to close the virtual doors of our pub so people can enjoy a legendary time with our snack nut mixes in the presence of friends and family.

BHL virtual pub sign