A Remedy to Holiday Boredom

December 18, 2020

How Brewhouse Legends Is Here to Save the Holidays

The Holiday Season is finally upon us!  Snow flurries are fluttering in that wintery breeze.  Dark winter nights become seemingly brighter as festive lights and decorations of different varieties illuminate our neighborhoods.  Fragrant smells of cookies baking waft from the oven.  Fires crackle with flames nipping ever closer at the toes of stockings dangling precariously from the mantle.  And tunes of Christmas music classics softly fill the silences from breaks in conversation.  While 2020 brought us a sleigh full of changes (sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun), many of the scenes of the Holiday Season remain (mostly) the same.  Although, this year it may entail a little too much of the same exact thing every day…

As everyone is aware, our typical holiday activities have been limited and we’ve had to entertain ourselves in our homes for the Holiday Season.  You know what that means, right?  You got it, a whole lot of Christmas movies, board games, snacking and lounging in comfy holiday attire.  Now that doesn’t sound all that bad, but Brewhouse Legends knows what it’s like when you’ve only watched one third of the A Christmas Story movie marathon and are already at your wit’s end.  Or when you’ve been staring at the same jigsaw puzzle for six straight hours and you’re still 983 pieces away from completing it.  Moments like these call for a Brewhouse Legends snack break.  Spice up your dull holiday moments this year with one of our delicious snack nut mixes.  Turn your 5th family movie night in a row into a more memorable experience with the snack mix that provides a twist from the everyday boredom of this Holiday Season.


A Remedy to Holiday Boredom


As lovers of craft beer, we encourage that you enjoy one of your favorite Christmas beers along with some Brewhouse Legends during your next holiday movie or game night.  If you don’t have a favorite holiday themed craft beer or you’re searching for a new one to try, some of our favorites include: Bell’s Christmas Ale, Great Divide Brewing’s Hibernation Ale, and Tröegs’ Mad Elf.  Our list of suggestions could go on.  Feel free to ignore our suggestions and to discover your own personal favorite holiday craft beer to pair with Brewhouse Legends.

In a frustrating year that has involved a little more downs than ups, add some variety to your holiday snack lineup with Brewhouse Legends.  Celebrate the transition from 2020 to 2021 on a high note with the one and only snack nut legend…Happy Holidays from everyone at Brewhouse Legends!

Brewhouse Legends.  Crafted to save the holidays.