Outdoor Summer Fun

July 18, 2020

Summer fun is just starting to heat up.  And depending on where you live, it might quite literally be heating up outside.  Warm weather or cold weather, we at Brewhouse Legends love to have fun but, in our opinion, summer is the best time for outdoor games.  

Lucky for you there are tons of backyard games that are fun to play in the summertime!  Some of our favorites include: cornhole, horseshoes, giant Jenga and bocce to name a few.  One of the best parts about playing these outdoor games is that it’s easy to chat with friends and sip on a beer while munching on some snacks.  If you’re on the younger side—or simply want to relive your college days (no judgement on our part)—then you can always bring out the white folding table and set it up for a classic game of beer pong or flip cup.  It’s equally easy and enjoyable to chow down on a handful of snacks between games.

Summer Tips

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We just can’t emphasize it enough how much we love summer!  Whether it’s the melodious sound of scooter wheels hitting bumps on the sidewalk.  The smack of a bag landing on a cornhole board.  The snap and fizz from removing the cap of your favorite beer.  All these sounds are practically synonymous with summer and fun.  And we think that the crunch and “nom nom nom’s” of snacking on a handful of Brewhouse Legends is sure to be added to this list of fun summertime sounds.

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