Opine on Pumpkin Spice and Beer

October 16, 2020
Pumpkin Time

Fall.  The autumnal shift in the atmosphere is upon us.  With it, we see the bright colors of summer fade to amber hues.  We feel the coolness in the air foreshadowing more temperature dips still to come. Our days become shorter and the darkness of night lengthens and descends upon us.  But the real sensory overload starts with a simmer and emerges to a full boil of aroma assault with the right of passage during the change of season… yep, its officially Pumpkin Spice time.     

One is challenged to not stumble upon a “new” limited time only (LTO) pumpkin variety in almost any consumer item.  Candles – check; coffee – check; baked goods – check; hand soap, etc., the list goes on…   And beer lovers, don’t fret.  The hops & malt refreshment category has not been overlooked.  Long ago, the seasonal fall beer offerings would lean toward traditional Octoberfest lagers or dark beers - a stout, a porter, a bock.   But now, we must abide the onslaught of pumpkin and spice in our chilled glasses!    

Perhaps the rant is unwarranted.  As the saying goes, there is a lid for every pot.  And with the commercialization of pumpkin everything, there is clearly an eager audience of consumers waiting to gobble it up.  Pumpkin is a good thing; a vegetable that gets its glory (even through there are plenty of other delectable squash varieties that may be the real unsung heroes of the patch).  

To be fair, what sets the pumpkin beer selections apart from some of the other pumpkin LTOs is the nuanced craft.  Few drafts have only the pumpkin and cinnamon/nutmeg of the tasty scone at the café.  The marvel of crafted brews is the incorporation of some unexpected blends, bringing interest and intrigue to what otherwise would be just an oversaturated murkiness of blandness.  You can find pumpkin beers that infuse other flavors of coffee, nuts, orange peel and bourbon, just to name a few.  

Check out some of the season’s greatest offerings and let us know what Brewhouse Legends Snack Mix you would pair it with.  Just don’t expect us to offer a pumpkin spice option in our line up any time soon…


source:  breckbrew.com

Source:  breckbrew.com

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Source: brewpublic.com

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