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May 20, 2020

The Last Dance: Top 10 Most Legendary Moments

It only takes two letters to elicit profound excitement in the world of basketball legends: MJ.

At Brewhouse Legends, we know a thing or two about what it takes to be legendary. And Michael Jordan certainly reached a legendary level of fame both on and off the court. Just ask anyone from Chicago who had bedroom walls adorned with MJ posters…they would likely be challenged to find an old family photo without someone wearing the classic “23” Bulls jersey. ESPN recently aired “The Last Dance” documentary which highlighted Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls and provided the world a glimpse into the life of this basketball legend.

Image of Michael Jordan


After watching “The Last Dance”, we’re in agreement that Michael Jordan is the greatest legend the game of basketball has ever seen. The documentary mentioned countless legendary moments from Jordan’s career and final season with Chicago, but we picked our Top 10 Most Legendary Moments.

Without further ado, let’s get to the selections:

10. The Bulls go to Paris
The video clips of people flocking around Jordan and the Bulls in Paris shows just how legendary he was becoming. It was uncommon for athletes back then to be treated like royalty while in a foreign country, yet, once again MJ was able to accomplish the improbable by developing himself into a global icon.

9. Playing Baseball
Yea, his baseball stats weren’t great and not nearly as impressive as his basketball stats. But how many people can you name who excelled at two professional sports? We promise you that list isn’t very long. The fact that MJ is primarily a basketball player and still performed as well as he did in baseball speaks for itself. Given more time in the MLB, who knows what he may have accomplished…

8. The Fax
“I’m back.” Those simple words changed the entire outlook for the Chicago Bulls as Michael Jordan made his return to basketball. The words from that fax are still commonly referenced in pop culture today, which shows just how legendary that statement is.

7. The “Flu Game”
Whether it was the flu or food poisoning, Jordan was not in good shape that night. Most people would hardly have the energy to get out of bed with flu like symptoms, yet MJ was able to score 38 points in a playoff game.

6. Space Jam
As if his playing career wasn’t enough to earn him “Legend” status, then filming Space Jam certainly helped. Not only did he star in a movie during the day, but to help prepare for his return to basketball, he had a gym built on the set and played nightly pick-up games with some of the best basketball players in the league…on a brief aside, we think the documentary failed to mention arguably Jordan’s greatest performance on a basketball court: defeating the Monstars in Space Jam after being down nearly 50 points at the half.

5. Nike Shoe Deal
When Nike signed a contract with Jordan to create his own line of shoes, they projected for a total of $3 million after three years. Well, instead they earned $126 million in just one year…Nike was undoubtedly pleased with their miscalculation.

4. Game Winning Shots
When you hit as many clutch shots as Jordan, it’s simply too hard to pick just one. But we’re pretty sure any sports fan (and especially any Bulls fan) still gets chills watching the highlights of the game winners against Cleveland and Utah. Legendary.

Image of Michael Jordan


3. Letter to Mom
Michael Jordan may seem like some larger than life icon who seemingly floats in the air when he leaps and can knock down free throws with his eyes closed.  But this moment right here showed that the legend is capable of being like the rest of us.  Who can’t relate to writing a letter or calling their mom asking for money during their days in college?

2. Trash Talk
Michael Jordan will go down as one of the best trash talkers in the game of basketball.  He’d even talk trash to his own teammates.  And if you tried to talk back to him, well he certainly had the talent to make you regret doing so.  

1. Tough Love
Jordan’s reaction at the end of the interview regarding his tough love to teammates is sure to become another iconic clip added to his already extensive library of highlights.  This drive and motivation to push his teammates may be viewed by some as cruel, but what makes MJ legendary is that he didn’t care how others perceived it as long as it meant the team won.  

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