An Ode to March

March 19, 2020

Today is a sad day.  It would’ve been her 82nd birthday.  We were lucky enough to have experienced 81 years of heartbreak.  81 years of elation.  81 years of unforgettable memories.  81 years of…madness.  Yea, it’s disappointing that this year we won’t be hearing the iconic March Madness jingle that has become synonymous with buzzer beaters and Cinderella Stories.  But today should not be a day to mourn basketball.  Instead we should celebrate the countless legendary moments that March Madness has provided us and start getting excited for next year.  And a proper way to celebrate and prep for next year’s big dance is to enjoy a beer at home, eat some snacks, and (yes) fill out a bracket.  Lucky for you, Brewhouse Legends has got you covered on two of those three criteria.  

march Madness


To help cope with your March Madness blues, we set the Beer Bracket for our 1st Annual Brewhouse Legends Beer Madness tournament.  The Brewhouse Legends team spent hours reviewing every beer in contention to qualify for the tournament, so without further ado let’s get to this year’s bracket.

March Madness

We won’t give away too many thoughts on who we think are potential favorites to win it all this year.  But there are some imported beer styles that could be a tough early round matchup.

Follow our Instagram page to participate in the tournament by making your picks in our stories for each round and see who gets crowned as the champion.  You can also follow our Instagram page to check out @wacoachfabes weekly “Legendary Moment” from a classic NCAA Tournament game.  While we might not have a basketball tournament this year, we still have all the ingredients that help make March Madness such a legendary time: brackets, beer, and (most importantly) Brewhouse Legends!