Munching onto Better Days

March 16, 2021

Why you should be excited for March and have snacks at the ready

Remember a year ago when everyone started saying better days are ahead of us?  And the adage “this too shall pass” gained newfound popularity?  The list of phrases with similar sentiments could go on.  In reality, it seemed those “better days” were never actually coming.  For a lot of people, time was passed by developing new hobbies or simply just snacking.  And for some, it was lots of snacking.  Brewhouse Legends knows as well as anyone that this time a year ago kinda sucked.  But with spring entering full bloom, believe us when we say “better days” are truly (almost) here.



For starters, March Madness is days away now.  Remember, the craziest 3 weeklong college basketball party that was dangled in front of us last year before the world shutdown?  Yep, that’s right around the corner.  Just a matter of days after that, the Masters Tournament tees off as it returns to the traditional early April timeslot.  And don’t forget about Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, which is mixed between those two classic sporting events.  The excitement from March Madness, The Masters and Opening Day should be able to lead us through the days of late spring until summer returns to our lives again.  So yeah, we think those “better days” are finally upon us.



Enough of that rambling (sorry we’re pretty excited for what the world of sports will be offering in the next couple months).  Anyways, if you’re looking for a way to make these “better days” even better, then load up on your favorite beer’s favorite snack mix—Brewhouse Legends.  No buzzer beater upset or drama filled putt at Augusta National’s Amen Corner is complete without a beer in hand.  And drinking a beer is not complete without a snack bowl of Brewhouse Legends by its side.  Don’t hesitate.  Get your hands on some Brewhouse Legends as you gear up your pantry for the greatest 1-month stretch of sports.  If you run into the issue of having a Brewhouse Legends-less pantry, a click on Amazon can fix that.

Brewhouse Legends.  Crafted for these “better days”.