A Lighter View on Life (And Beer)

April 27, 2021

An Introduction to the World of Light Craft Beer

Folks, we’ve almost done it.  We’re so close to making it through the pandemic and accomplishing what was seemingly impossible.  Now, we realize this thought may elicit varying emotions and feelings in each of you fellow readers, but there’s probably one overwhelming emotion that all of us are sharing at the moment: panic.  Panic that those “corona calories” that didn’t count all last year are kinda starting to manifest in your midsection.  Panic that you’re going to start interacting with people soon.  In person.  Showing more than just your shoulders and above.  Panic that you don’t want to give up the lifestyle of snacking and imbibing that you’ve grown accustomed to during quarantine.

An Introduction to the World of Light Craft Beer

Don’t worry, Brewhouse Legends (and the craft beer industry) has got your back.  We want to assist in spreading the news that there’s now a way to help shake that excess weight while still maintaining your same lifestyle.  The craft beer trend of brewing light beers has officially taken flight.  The demand for these lighter, yet still flavorful beers, has gained enough popularity that craft breweries all across the country have started rolling out lighter alternatives to their traditional beverages.  The days of sacrificing flavor for fewer calories are gone.  You won’t have to force down a can of Michelob Ultra again, unless you truly want to.  We don’t understand the science behind how the craft brewery experts were able to cut out calories from their beers while still allowing them to overflow with flavor.  We don’t question their process either.  Brewhouse Legends is just thankful for these craft beer geniuses! 

There’s plenty of light craft beers to choose from, and many of which you’ll certainly recognize the breweries.  For all those Midwesterners who are familiar with Bell’s Brewery, you’ll want to try their Light Hearted Ale which is a lower calorie spinoff their Two Hearted Ale.  Deschutes Brewery in the Pacific Northwest has their Wowza! that will surprise you just how much flavor a light beer can provide.  There are some non-independent craft breweries, such as Goose Island and Lagunitas, that offer lighter alternatives for those who can’t find a light craft beer from their local brewery.  But don’t limit yourself to only the light craft beers that we mentioned.  Get out and explore this new world of low calorie craft beer.  Brewhouse Legends is always interested in learning about new beers and breweries to sample! 


Don’t worry, Brewhouse Legends (and the craft beer industry) has got your back. 

Source: https://www.pastemagazine.com/drink/craft-beer/deschutes-wowza-lo-cal-hazy-pale-ale-review/

Yeah, we know this news couldn’t come at a better time as the season of backyard barbeques and warm weather beer drinking approaches.  While some of these light craft beers may not be approved by whatever diet program you might be on, they still offer a healthier alternative to the heavy craft beers you’d normally be drinking.  And just because these are considered light beers, doesn’t mean a bowl of Brewhouse Legends won’t pair with it.  After all, if you’re not compromising flavor for fewer calories in your beer, then why would you compromise flavor in your snacking?  Trust us, Brewhouse Legends snack mixes taste much better with your beer than a couple carrots dipped in hummus.

Brewhouse Legends.  Crafted for the lighter side of beer.