Food & Snack Pairings With Beer: The Big Game Edition

January 29, 2019

Brewhouse Legends is stoked to kick off our blog with the tie-in of the 53rd Super Bowl. It makes sense to us really - food, beer, and football. Come late January, like the cycle of bird migration, the internet is being scoured with people looking for the perfect game day party-snack ideas. We are here to help keep this one easy with suggested beer pairings to go along with some of our favorite foods to nosh on during the big game. Our party-planning would flow like this...

Chili and Beer


First, be prepared to feed a hungry crowd while being available to socialize. We’d have the crockpot fired up with a hearty chili from jump and recommend a solid APA to ease into the festivities.

Nachos and Beer


Also in the starting lineup, we’d have nachos with guac ready to be served up for start of first quarter. These can be best enjoyed with a bright, citrusy Saison.

Popcorn and Beer


Food pairing with beer for a party: Brewhouse Legends Snacks


Throughout the party, have your snack bowls ready with crowd favorites – popcorn and a tasty snack mix. We’d be remiss not to recommend our very own Hops & Pepper variety. A light and refreshing lager or Blonde Ale will help tackle the salt-cravings and wet the whistle of all the armchair refs.

Food pairing with beer for a party: Brewhouse Legends Snacks


Food pairing with beer for a party: Brewhouse Legends Snacks


After working up an appetite for more, now comes the break in play and queue for the buffet. You made it to half-time and the Oscars of commercials! Plates will be filled with zesty hot-wings and large round pies of pizza. Both these offer bold flavors that can be paired with either a lighter Pilsner or a slightly bitter IPA.

The rest is left for mixing and grazing. We hope you score some points with your friends and family this year. Cheers to your team - or to you winning a square or two!