Craft Beer Destination Road Trip

September 21, 2020

Looking for a fall weekend getaway?  Well, we got news for you my friend.  You came to the right spot because Brewhouse Legends has a craft beer inspired road trip destination for you (regardless of whatever city you call home).  Just picture it… All of your favorite throwback jams from the 90’s blasting on the radio.  A steady breeze filtering through the slightly rolled down window.  You, reaching into the bag of snacks next to you and grabbing a handful of some Brewhouse Legends snack mix.  Moments of crunching, lip smacking and a deep sigh of delight ensuing.  You don’t even care which flavor of Brewhouse Legends it is.  Not because you think you finally reached nirvana from sampling the best craft beer in your neck of the woods, but because all of our snack mix flavors are just that dang tasty!

Sounds pretty good, right?  The only hard part now is choosing which road trip to embark on.  To make your life choices easier, we listed below Brewhouse Legends’ Top Craft Beer Road Trip Destinations and a few breweries that are most certainly worth your while to check out.  The choice is yours:    

1.    Great Lakes
There are too many great craft beer destinations in this hidden gem of a region for us to pick just one.  Cincinnati and Chicago have some cool watering holes to sample craft beers.  But the crown jewel craft beer destination in the Great Lakes is most definitely Michigan.  This wonderful state can do more than just boast Beer City USA (Grand Rapids).  There are lesser known towns with a great craft beer scene that non-Midwesterners may not have heard of like: Traverse City, Kalamazoo, and Ann Arbor to name a few.  If this is your Craft Beer Road Trip of choice, then we highly recommend a pit stop at Bell’s Brewery.

2.    New England
An added perk of road tripping through New England in the fall?  Uh, the explosion of fall colors in the foliage is downright beautiful.  But if you want to one-up the rest of the leafers seeking serenity in the hilly forests of New England, then hit up as many of the countless breweries scattered through this corner of the country.  There are breweries galore in upstate New York as well as in the more easterly and coastal areas of New England.  A craft beer trip to New England wouldn’t be complete without a sample of the offerings in Burlington, Vermont and Portland, Maine.  If you want to extend the trip, then central and western Massachusetts definitely have some craft beer locales worth the visit (Tree House Brewing and Wachusett Brewing are two personal favorites).   

Image of New England


3.    Richmond, Virginia
This probably isn’t a destination one would expect to see on this list.  But we’re here to prove you otherwise.  For starters, there’s something called the Richmond Beer Trail.  So yeah, a city doesn’t just have a beer trail if there isn’t actually beer to sample.  All the craft breweries along the trail are in close proximity to each other, which makes it easier for one to get around and taste as many as there is time for.  Oh, and there’s quite a few to try so you might want to make sure you give yourself enough time to make the rounds to the best beer Richmond has to show.

4.    Colorado
Don’t think we forgot about the readers west of the mighty Mississippi.  Denver and its surrounding towns offer one of the best craft beer destinations in the country.  A city that is lucky enough to have hosted craft beer festivals certainly has done something right to develop enough of a reputation to end up on this list.  Hopping from brewery to brewery while in the shadow of the Rocky Mountain landscape?  Yep, it’s hard to think of a better destination to explore craft beer.  Simply put, there are far too many top notch craft breweries in Denver for us to highlight.  So maybe you should trek to the Mile High City and create your own list of the top breweries in the area (then you could let us know which ones you liked best).

5.    Asheville, North Carolina
As another city that likes to flaunt around the title Beer City USA, we’d be remiss to leave Asheville off our list.  It may be one of the smaller cities mentioned here, but it certainly makes up for that in number of breweries.  Highland Brewing was the first of these craft breweries to break onto the scene in Asheville, but its surely not the only one anymore.  Other notable places to check out while in town are Hi-Wire Brewing, Wicked Weed Brewing, and Hillman Beer.  But you can’t really go wrong with any of the options in Asheville. 

Wow, that’s a lot to take in.  Let’s take a quick Brewhouse Legends snack break and reconvene.

Image of nuts

Choosing your Craft Beer Road Trip Destination isn’t easy, but we don’t think you’ll be disappointed regardless of which you select.  Honestly can you really be disappointed in craft beer?  After all, it’s not some watered down generic beer label.  Plus, packing your Brewhouse Legends is the perfect addition of bar snacks to bring as a companion to each brewery.

And we also want to add a quick shoutout to the amazing breweries dotting the west coast.  Hoping for safety and relief from the fires out there.  Boneyard Beer, Old Stove Brewery, and Black Hammer Brewing.  Stay ready because we’ll be road tripping your way soon.

Brewhouse Legends.  Crafted for every beer road trip destination.