Brady, Mahomes, and Brewhouse Legends Snacks

January 25, 2021

Making a Legendary Super Bowl Snack Lineup

We’re almost there people. We are so close. Dry January is over in just a matter of days now. And the ultimate celebration of indulging in some beer is right around the corner. Super Bowl Sunday. After all that dedication throughout January, you deserve to reward yourself with a frosty pint—or two—of your favorite craft beer on Super Bowl Sunday to go with all the snacks on your menu for the evening.

Super Bowl LV, in particular, is a very special matchup for Brewhouse Legends. Why, you might ask? Because this year’s game features two legendary quarterbacks, and Brewhouse Legends is always looking to tip our caps to a legend—or two. We’ve got the human highlight reel in Patrick Mahomes squaring up against the ever-consistent Tom Brady. The youngster against the old man. A soon to be legend of the game versus the game’s ultimate legend. Everyone is in store for what should be an exciting matchup. The speed and high-flying attack of the Kansas City Chiefs offense will provide the spice (looking at you Hoppin’ Chili) to keep people on the edge of their seats. And the Tampa Bay defense has the potential to present the salty bite (your turn to shine Hops & Pepper) to slow down the prolific Kansas City offense. Regardless of the outcome you’re cheering for, make sure you celebrate the game with a bowl—or two—of some Brewhouse Legends snack nut mixes.

image of football and snacks


Don’t overthink your Super Bowl snack spread this year. Seriously, thinking can be hard at times. Sometimes winning over your guests is as simple as it is for Tom Brady to connect with Gronk down the middle of the field. Load up on Brewhouse Legends and create the most legendary duo people will witness on Super Bowl Sunday by teaming it up with your favorite craft beer.

Brewhouse Legends. Crafted for Super Bowl Sunday.