Beer: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

February 13, 2020

Love.  The month of February is often associated with this concept of love.  But how exactly does one express love?  Spending time with the person who can always make you smile.  Sending flowers and a giant teddy bear to your girlfriend’s office.  Setting your phone lock screen as a “cute” picture of your significant other.  Sure.  Whatever floats your boat, we won’t pass judgement…But the great philosopher Aristotle says that in order to love someone else, you must first express love to yourself.  And what’s a better way to love yourself than to drink beer?  Yep, that’s right drinking beer.  Studies show that drinking beer (in moderation, of course) has some surprising health benefits—read about these benefits right here:

  1. Nutritious
    Compared to other alcoholic beverages, beer has quite a bit of nutritional value.  Beer has important nutrients such as iron, calcium, and phosphates.  Additionally, it has higher levels of protein and vitamin B than wine.
  2. Heart Health
    Scientists have been able to find a link between heart health and drinking beer (yes, in moderation).  Need we say more?
  3. Prevention of Kidney Stones
    Kidney stones are painful.  Drinking beer is not painful.  Good thing studies show that drinking beer, especially pale ales, can help diminish one’s chances of getting a kidney stone.
  4. Reduces Bad Cholesterol
    We don’t know what cholesterol is, but we do know that doctors say too much bad cholesterol is not good for the body.  What doctors probably don’t tell you is that beer has soluble fibers in it that work to lower the amount of bad cholesterol.
  5. Helps Bone Strength
    How many of you were told as kids that drinking milk would help build strong bones?  Yea, me too.  Research shows that drinking beer may have similar effects on bone strength due to its levels of dietary silicon.

So this Valentine’s Day, instead of crafting some grand gesture to impress your admirer, simplify your plans: make Aristotle proud and love yourself first by drinking beer (again, in moderation) to take care of your health.  We’re sure your girlfriend will understand.  

*Brewhouse Legends takes no responsibility if you heed our advice and your girlfriend gets upset