Bartending 101: Tips and Tricks For Becoming A Better Bartender

March 7, 2019

Bartending can be a tough (but fun) job. Not only are you serving drinks all night, but you’re also acting as a personal therapist for many patrons. There are many aspects of this job and industry - that’s why we made a handy list of some tricks every beginner or professional bartender should know.

Bartending Tips
  1. Know your environment
    • A bartender at a Michelin star rated restaurant will most likely follow different practices than a bartender at a dive-y bar.
    • Appreciate that the patron’s expectations will vary.Mixology
  2. Be prepared
    • This is a difficult profession, but you can make it a little easier on yourself by staying prepared and anticipating your own needs.
    • Always know when your bottle opener is. Wear the right shoes. Be comfortable. Practice using all equipment. Memorize the menu. Follow the layout of the bar. All of these things can make those hectic nights somewhat manageable. How to be a bartender
  3. Understand temperature for beer
    • According to Brewer’s Association, “Research has shown that beer kegs take three to four times as long to chill as they do to warm up.” This means that a keg delivered on a 50 degrees F non-refrigerated truck would take 25 hours of being stored in a refrigerator to return to 38 degrees F, the recommended temperature for keg storage.
    • Knowing this will keep your beer cold and customers satisfied!Bartending


  4. Stay updated with industry trends
  5. Train your memory
    • Knowing someone’s name can go a long way. People want to feel like they’re a person, not just a drink order.
    • Your regulars will love you even more.Bars


  6. Make friends with other bartenders​​​​​​​
    • Whether at your own job or at other bars, knowing other industry professionals can help you along your way. Not only is this great for venting about customers and bosses, but you can learn a lot from other people in the industry. Bartenders
  7. Know when to quit serving someone​​​​​​​
    • Keep people out of jeopardy of hurting themselves or others. Now that’s a powerful job.
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Above all, make sure you have a good time!