All About Brewhouse Legends

October 29, 2019

Welcome, friends. Pour yourself a drink, have a seat, and get cozy. We're about to tell you all about Brewhouse Legends Snack Nut Mixes.

brewhouse legends three bags with mixes













Brewhouse Legends is a brand that revolves around the experimental and unique flavor profiles of beer, especially craft beer. These snack mixes were created to bring the passion and creativity of craft beer brewing to the snack aisle. There are three flavors, each with their own mix components and seasoning that elicit the different flavor profiles. 

Good beer snacks are (well, were) hard to come by. We're beer lovers, just like you, and we created these snacks because we think there are more enticing flavors than pretzels and buttered popcorn to enjoy with your favorite beer. Drinking a pint of beer is an experience of its own and deserves snacks that perfectly pair with it. 

brewhouse legends snacks hops and pepper 5 oz bag with beer















Our snacks don't just pair well with beer - our Hops & Pepper mix features the essence of barley and hops right in the mix. This blend includes peanuts, rice crackers, pretzels, and sesame sticks. It is the mildest flavor that we currently make, thus making it an absolute crowd pleaser. The basis of every great beer is inside this snack mix, so it's destined to be legendary. We recommend pairing this one with a bold IPA for the ultimate hoppy destination.

brewhouse legends snack mixes michelada flavor 5 oz bag on bar with beer















If you're looking for a kick of tangy tomato, you came to the right place. Our Michelada (pronounced mee-cha-lah-dah) mix is inspired by the Mexican "cerveza preparada," or Mexican beer cocktail, otherwise thought of as a Mexican Bloody Mary. This unique flavor profile brings out the spicy and tangy essence of the beverage with rice crackers, corn nuts, hot Cajun sticks, peanuts, and praline pepitas for a touch of sweetness. Pair this snack mix with a light, refreshing Pilsner to balance out the spice.

brewhouse legends snack mixes hoppin chili flavor 5 oz bag on bar with beer















Buttery with just enough heat, Our Hoppin' Chili mix is loaded with flavor. Not too spicy and not too sweet, the ingredients of peanuts, honey sesame chips, chickpeas, and corn nuts deliver crunch with the spices to perfectly satisfy the palate. Enjoy Hoppin' Chili with an easy lager or APA.

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We are above throwing shade at our snack shelf-mates, but if you are passionate about your beer, why not be passionate about your snacks?  Discover the satisfying crunch and flavors in the snack that respects your beer.  Both have been carefully crafted to your suit your palate.  Cheers!