Perfectly Crafted,
Instantly Legendary

Brewhouse Legends sought a way to bring the passion and creativity of craft beer brewing to the snack aisle. Innovation without precedent is the brewer's mantra, delivering new flavor experiences meant for sharing. Inspired by this tradition, we’ve crafted snack mixes that are destined to become legendary.
Discover a twist from everyday snacking.
Michelada Snack Nut Mix

Snack Nut Mix

A tangy tomato flavor blended with rice crackers, corn nuts, hot Cajun sticks, peanuts and praline pepitas. 

Hops & Pepper

Hops and Pepper
Snack Nut Mix

A unique blend of peanuts, rice crackers, pretzels and sesame sticks with the essence of barley and hops.

Hoppin' Chili

Hoppin' Chili
Snack Nut Mix

A spicy kick of chili pepper, crafted with peanuts, honey sesame chips, chickpeas, and corn nuts.

Brain Food

Brewhouse trivia night; see how many you get right

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Hoppin' Chili